Therapy with


Couples can overcome stagnation and crises. With guided reflection, work, determination and commitment to change they can create a more lasting, fulfilling and enjoyable relationship.

What brings couples to therapy?

In the life of any couple there are times when conflict and distance become part of the routine. This makes the shared life uninteresting and dry. Sometimes it gets to the point of making life together intolerable and painful. During those times, couples therapy is a valuable resource.

Couples that are separated or divorced are often motivated to attend couples therapy for their children’s best interest. They want to find ways to relate to each other in a more productive and less contentious manner. The outcome benefits them as well as their children.

Requirements for therapy with couples

Couples therapy at Bethesda Family Therapy requires each individual to be motivated to see the part they play in creating and maintaining the difficulties.

Couples therapy is a process by which people go beyond blaming, accusing and defending. Each member of the couple is invited to look at him or herself and to assume responsibility.

Couples that are serious in their pursuit of a more mature relationship attend consultations (usually bi-weekly) over several months. Progress is not immediate, and couples need to know that at times consultation might be hard and even uncomfortable. Yet, as the difficult conversations take place, the stage for a new level of contact between the couple is set, and looking towards a better future becomes possible.

Expected results

When couples are able to engage in calmer interactions, they are at a better place to make decisions about how they want to relate to each other. These well thought out decisions will, in the long run, benefit each of them individually, the couple, and the family as a whole.

Couples that engage in therapy discover new aspects of themselves and of their significant other and are better able to develop a partnership that is characterized by mutual respect, support and enjoyment. Many describe the progress as the attainment of a closer, more mature and fulfilling love relation.