Upcoming Presentations

Bowen Center. Functioning Up: A Systems Approach to Evoking Ghange in Families, Congregations and Organizations.

Family Firm Institute. Annual Meeting Chicago, 2017

Purposeful Planning Institute

Centro Carmel

2nd International Confernece on Bowen Family Systems Theory. Hong Kong 2018

Past Presentations

Instituto Latinoamericano de Estudios de la Familia, A.C.

Family Firm Institute

  • Myth and Realities of Successful Latin Family Governance Structures. (London, October 2015)
    Living in a globalized world, families struggle to build governance structures around culture and legacy. Strategies that worked several hundreds of years ago may need to adapt to an Easter and Western combined best practice model. We will evaluate a Latin Family’s 150 year journey to adapt and combine such models focused on the human capital.

Latin Private Wealth Summit.

  • El factor emocional en las familias. Consideraciones para el trabajo en el family office. (May, 2016)

Entrepreneurial Organization (EO)

  • Creando el legado familiar y preparando a la siguiente generación para continuarlo. (May 2016).
  • Preparando a las siguientes generaciones en el ámbito del legado familiar. (Febrero 2016).

Purposeful Planning Institute

  • I love my siblings, but now we also have to be business partners! An analysis of sibling group decision making based on Bowen theory. (Denver, August 2015)
    Sharing the dining table with siblings is one thing, but becoming business partners is a different story. Many sibling groups encounter a serious road block when they are faced with the challenge of managing wealth or run a business that has been passed on to them from the previous generation. They are faced with the need to collaborate in new ways while old patterns or relationships are still operating. A systems view of the multingenerational family guided by Bowen theory will provide a way to understand what sibling groups are up against and what they can do to succeed.
  • Building Blocks to Family Governance and Case Study (Orlando, March 2015)
    Only 12% of family business survive the third generation. 85% (of the 70% that fails) is due to problems with communication, trust and preparation for the next generation. Family business represent 90% of enterprises in the US and 30% of these will change leadership in the next 5 years. To be prepared for this trend, “Building blocks to Family Governance” objectives include:

    • Identify the key characteristics of a governance structure to increase communication and trust
    • Differentiate the business of the family and family business to improve survival and thrive
    • Evaluate a case and strategies to improve preparation for the next generation

The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family,
Washington, DC

  • Sibling Relationships and Bowen Theory. Post Graduate Program.  (March,  2017).
  • Sibling Relationships. Clinical Day.  (September 2016).
  • What Really Matters When Consulting with Culturally Diverse Families. Clinical Conference. (October, 2015).
    Much importance has been given to clients’ cultural differences in clinical work. This presentation described ways clinicians can assess how focusing on cultural variables helps to understand clients and to what extent this focus can blur the assessment of individual and family functioning. The presenter discussed her experience in incorporating cultural variables using Bowen theory.
  • Exploration of Family of Origin: Advances Toward Objectivity and Neutrality. Clinical Conference. (February, 2015).
  • Bowen teaching videotape. Group discussion. Postgraduate Program. (2014).
  • Ethics Seminar. Mental health professionals (2013).

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB),
Washington, DC

Universidad Complutense, Madrid, España;
STIRPE, Madrid, España;
Centro Antheo, Valladolid, España;
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, España;
Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, España

  • La Teoría Familiar Sistémica de Bowen: Aplicaciones Terapéuticas / Bowen Family Systems Theory: Clinical Aplications. Family therapists in training. (2015).

Universidad de Comillas, UNINPS, Madrid, España

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, España

  • El Diagrama Familiar: Una Herramienta Fundamental en la Terapia Familiar Sistémica / Family Diagram as as a Tool in Family Systms Therapy. Students of the Master Program. (2015).

Collegio Fugoli, Lugo, España;
Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Madrid, España

Facultad de Formación del Profesorado, Lugo, España

Pan-American Health Organization

  • Energy Management: Building Resilience in a Demanding Environment. PAHO employes. (2013).

Instituto Medico Psicológico de Atención a la Familia IMAFA, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Centro Carmel, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Child Center and Adult Services, Inc. (now Aspire Counseling), Gaithersburg, MD

  • Jealousy Understood from the Perspective of Systems Thinking. Clinical staff.  (2013).

Catholic Charities School of Social Service, Washington, DC

  • Seminar on Family Systems Therapy. Social workers and case managers. (2013).

St. Mary’s Center, Washington, DC

  • Clinical Work Based on Bowen Family Systems Theory. Clinical staff. (2012).

Counseling Center, University of Maryland Baltimore County

  • Young Adults Launching into Independence. A Family Challenge. Clinical staff. (2012).