As a therapist

“Hi Mariana, I am writing to thank you. I really feel you put a sincere effort into helping your clients. I just wanted you to know that it is a great service you do and I appreciate it greatly. I always feel better about myself when I leave your office, or like I am moving forward in life.”

– Psychotherapy client, 2013.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Martínez as representative of Bowen theory. She is not selling it; she is living it in her personal and professional life, which is essential for representing Bowen theory well. Her solid background and experience enables her to help people appreciate more deeply what is involved in learning and apply Bowen theory.”

– Michael Kerr, MD, 2014. Director Emeritus of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family (1990 to 2011) and co-author with Murray Bowen of the seminal book Family Evaluation, 1988 published by Norton.

As a teacher

“One of the best professors I had during my BA. Thanks for your knowledge. I learned so much and I keep a warm memory of you.”

– UMBC student, 2014.

“I was very impressed by Dr. Martínez’s professionalism and deep care for her students.”

– UMBC student, 2010

“She doesn’t “spoon feed” responses, but rather gently helps you think on your feet and articulate complete responses. At the same time however, her personality creates a warm and non judgmental environment that encourages developing ideas.”

– UMBC student, 2013.

As host of the TV show Family Matters

“Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey. I just watched your subject program on YouTube. It was indeed a great learning and inspiration for me as I am struggling with similar challenging issues. Anyhow, I thought to appreciate you and Bowen Center for such a wonderful online free resource.”

– Family Matters viewer (2014)

“Hello. I am a family therapist in Birmingham, AL and a fan of your work. Your guest selection and interview style is enlightening and practically helpful.”

– Family Matters viewer, USA (2014)

“I have enjoyed being able to incorporate various episodes into the trainings or presentation the other faculty and I do. It has also been a terrific resource for clients in my clinical practice as well as friends and family. Thank you for this work.”

– Family Matters viewer, USA (2014)