Her Method

Therapy Work

Dr. Martínez’s approach is based on Bowen family systems theory. In her work with individuals, couples and families, she maintains a systems perspective, that is, she conceives the behaviors, problems, and symptoms in the context of the changing relationship system.

Through conversations and the use of a family diagram, Dr. Martínez, who is a Bowen family systems coach, guides her clients in exploring the most important relationships in their life. She helps them see the connections between the multigenerational family emotional process and the presenting problem. As a result of her professional training and long term experience, Dr. Martínez believes that the process of improving one’s life is a personal journey that requires taking action. In other words, the therapeutic method involves, in addition to the conversations during sessions, that clients begin to relate differently in actual interactions with important people in their life. Results include reduction of symptoms, better relationships and a new sense of direction in one’s life.

Being fully bilingual and bicultural herself, Dr. Martínez is particularly attuned to cultural factors involved in the problems clients bring to consultation. She helps clients explore how these factors play into the family dynamic and the presenting problem.

The outcome of psychotherapy at Bethesda Family Therapy can be as deep and meaningful as each individual is willing to invest in ongoing personal work. Therapy gives those who engage in the process a better chance of making their live vision a reality.

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Therapy is a complex process impacted by many factors. The outcome can’t be guaranteed, yet the most reliable meta-analysis outcome research indicates that the average person who receives therapy is better off, at the end of of it, than 80% of those who needed psychotherapy and did not participate in it. (Smith et al. 1980).